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We have been involved in PPC management since before Google AdWords even launched in the UK in 2001.

We began as affiliates working on finance campaigns, the likes of Morgan Stanley, Virgin Money, MBNA and many more, in one year alone we earned over 500,000 pounds in commission from just one credit card company alone, all driven by PPC traffic.

The big earnings were as a result of spending lots of our own money, over the years MILLIONS of pounds on Google AdWords, Yahoo and MSN (now Bing) as well as now defunct PPC search engines like Mirago, Lime Search, Splut, Miva and a few more.

We learned quickly (and expensively at first) what works, how to target those searchers with intent and how to exclude the tyre kickers who were searching but not doing anything that earned money, the level of knowledge we gained from spending our own money is something many PPC account managers never learn, there’s not the same incentive, risk and consequences as spending a client’s money so it’s stood us in good stead when it comes to working with clients as we can empathise 100% how they feel and relate to their needs all the better, we’ve been in their shoes and for a long time!

The PPC search engines have evolved over the last decade into very complex and featured platforms and to get the best from them you really need to know how to use them, and how to benefit from the new features they keep adding, we have great agency contacts, AdWords qualified staff and are an AdWords certified partner agency, so this coupled with our 10 years of experience means we are well placed to help you get the best from your PPC account.

TOP Reasons to work with us
  • We put your goals and interests first, not ours!
  • We will generate laser targeted traffic.
  • We will target traffic to deliver at your ideal cost per lead/sale figure
  • We will optimise campaigns on an ongoing basis, not only when kicked to do so
  • We do the hard work, targeted adgroups, keywords, adcopy and negatives.
  • We work with the Quality Score discounting system in mind
  • We have been doing PPC over 10 years, before AdWords even launched in the UK
  • We are totally PPC focussed so we don’t get distracted with things such as Social media, Email marketing, standalone web design etc. as no agency can do all those at maximum effort and the results that effort should yield!
  • We work with you for the long haul, not ¬†just a quick buck then on to the next new account.

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