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We work different to how a normal PPC agency works, they’ll usually try to tie you into a long contracts and may even own the AdWords account your business is relying on.

At PPC management we run our PPC Agency very differently,  We always ensure the PPC accounts are the client’s own account, we expect to retain business on merit not because we own the AdWords account like may agencies do. We also aren’t into long contracts, we run all our PPC accounts on a standard rolling 30 day notice contract.

Typically once a potential client has made contact we work like this :

  1. We have a call/meeting and ask lots of questions to establish the goals of the business and how PPC fits into this, we answer questions and explain how ppc agencies normally work and why we are different, we provide case studies or contact details of some current clients for the prospect to talk to if they so choose.
  2. We then access the AdWords account and complete our health check process, which addresses around 40 key points.
  3. We then talk through the health check with the potential client and explain the issues and why changes need to be made and what effects those changes should produce.
  4. We then create a strategic plan which sets out a roadmap on achieving the prospective client’s PPC goals.
  5. Commercial terms are agreed and our standard easy exit 30 day rolling agreement is signed.
  6. PPC management is commenced and the account manager keeps in close contact with the client to ensure that the account develops how it needs to.

We have a methodical, proven approach to how to get the best from a PPC account, we’ve retained clients for years at a time, not just months like some agencies manage, we’ve taken clients from small spends to impressive levels, at the same time as cutting high spends down by as much as 50% with no loss of sales.

We took one client from spending £20,000 to £100,000 per month whilst cutting their cost per sale by over 30%, this was over the process of many months and we wouldn’t have retained their business unless we kept hitting their cost per sale targets and working in their interest not ours.

Many PPC agencies that work on a percentage of spend concentrate on spending as much money as possible so that they earn more. We concentrate on spending as much as we can at the clients target cost per sale/lead to ensure that they are always in profit and the account is grown in a healthy manner, we are incentivised by the possibility to earn more money, but only if the client does too.

Most PPC agencies seem to think PPC management is about bid management alone and use automated bid management software to manage bids, we’ve been in countless AdWords accounts and the only change history we see are automated bid changes, occasionally with the merest account structure changes. We don’t use ANY automated bid management software as our philosophy is to do the hard work and work on the quality score to get the lowest available bid price in the first place, after that it’s positional management that’s important to get the best conversion and ROI, number one position isn’t always the most profitable nor does it always drive the highest volume of sales.

To discuss more about our PPC methodology and why it works give us a call on our freephone number or use our contact form here or the free call back form to the right.

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