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Boosting Conversion – Cuts CPA

Everyone in PPC management seems to focus on cutting the cost per click primarily and so bid management is a much touted term yet in reality they need to focus on maximising the quality scores first. The second major element to good PPC management is to try to increase conversions on site, it’s hard enough …

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Why People Buy Isn’t Always Why You Think They Do!

Marketing is a funny thing, often what we think we are selling isn’t what a customer is buying; for example a merchant may think that his product fulfils a certain need for a customer yet the customer may have vastly differing reasons for buying a product or service that they seller isn’t fully aware of. …

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Enhanced AdWords Mobile Targeting

Mobile has finally become big, after many years of people saying “next year mobile will be huge” it finally is, mobile phones are accounting for a growing percentage of sales that can be tracked as well as much pre-sales research that people aren’t tracking on their sites. According to a survey by EPIsSever 33% of …

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How’s a 600 Percent Traffic Increase Sound?

Google often changes the features and functioning of AdWords and it’s all part of our job as a PPC Management agency to keep up to speed with it all, One recent change that we have been testing has driven some impressive results, delivering higher click through rates which in turn boost the quality score and …

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Paid V Organic – PPC Can Outperform Organic

Most people think that AdWords is just another channel that they can use to generate traffic to their website to get new members, leads or sales and they may assume that it will or won’t work for them based on the metrics they currently see from organic search results, however just as a plate full …

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82 Percent of AdWords Accounts Might Not Work

A recent survey conducted by and YouGov on 500 small businesses in the UK concluded that only 18% of AdWords users could answer yes to the question “Do your sales exceed the cost of AdWords?” A whopping 45% said no and 37% were unsure if their sales exceeded costs, of that 37% an interesting …

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Walk Your Dog Regularly – Why Use A PPC Agency

Dogs are very much like an AdWords account, you think you know them well, they’re part of your life and help you enjoy it and they behave most of the time but you can’t help but feel when your back is turned they go try to raid the kitchen then jump on the bed and …

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PPC Management Account Ownership – Here Be Vultures!

One of the potential client’s that contacted us this week was a merchant who services the home improvement sector, they were unhappy with their current ppc management agency as they have zero visibility about what’s actually happening inside the account or if they are getting good value for money out of their £1,000 per month …

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How to Pay for PPC Management

PPC management is quite a varied service offered by a multitude of companies, agencies and people, often each of them working to different methods, systems and beliefs as well as payment models. It’s choosing the best PPC management payment model that can cause the most confusion, Agencies will pitch that their model is best and …

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PPC Management – Why a PPC agency does it better

Most AdWords Account owners do their own ppc management but a dedicated PPC agency will get better results from your AdWords account than you can. This is an easy claim to make and you may be thinking how can we be so brash as to state this, well here’s how. It’s easier for us or …

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