How’s a 600 Percent Traffic Increase Sound?

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Google often changes the features and functioning of AdWords and it’s all part of our job as a PPC Management agency to keep up to speed with it all, One recent change that we have been testing has driven some impressive results, delivering higher click through rates which in turn boost the quality score and thus lowering the actual cost per click, also more traffic has generated more sales.

Google is saying that they are seeing an overall 600% increase in traffic to retailers with Product Listings Ads compared to last year so now is probably THE best time of the year to start using them as most AdWords advertisers have yet to take advantage of Product Listings Ads.

AdWords Product Listings

When viewed on a results page they stand out quite a bit and will continue to do so until everyone starts using them, at which point we would guess Google will limit the feature to certain performance parameters as they have done with other featured offerings.

Below you can see the two AdWords Product Listings Ads take up quite a bit of real estate visually, the eye is naturally dragged from the top of the page’s first result across to the product listings ads.

Product Listings Advert

Images for products do elicit better click through when used on normal sales pages so it’s only natural that they would be expected to perform better in search listings if the user knows what they want, if they see it they are more likely to click than keep reading other sites which may not have the exact product they are looking for.

Images also stand out as people scan search results and even ads, this is why bold text works well in AdWords when the keyword is typed in, it stands out and now with Google AdWords Product Listings the images for your products can cut through the clutter of text and attract searchers to click and view your offering.

Google Product Listings are performing well for advertisers, that’s not to say they will perform as well for you but they at least deserve a test and you’ll get to ride the wave before the slow adopters get around to it some time next year!

Google have put together a quick video (1 minute 40 seconds) to explain product listings ads in more detail :

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