Walk Your Dog Regularly – Why Use A PPC Agency

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Dogs are very much like an AdWords account, you think you know them well, they’re part of your life and help you enjoy it and they behave most of the time but you can’t help but feel when your back is turned they go try to raid the kitchen then jump on the bed and snooze in the afternoon sun.

PPC on AdWords can be a bit frustrating at times, we see cases where people’s accounts have run smoothly for a while and they’ve taken their eye off the account and then small issues have had a knock on effect which have snowballed and then they need to take radical action to rescue the account, it’s a bit like having a dog that you take for a walk a couple times per day at first, then it slips to once daily, once per week and in some cases then once a month and then before you know it you have a fat dog that can’t do anything except eat, snooze and need the vet to sort problems out thus costing you money, Walking regularly avoids all sorts of problems down the line and this is the case with PPC management too, regular ongoing ppc account work is required for an and AdWords account to stay fit and healthy and perform at it’s best for you.

It’s not only the account owners who need to regularly work on the account; Whilst undertaking free PPC Managment audits we’ve seen AdWords accounts that have been left to fester by PPC Agencies too! We check the history and there’s been very little action, no new keywords, no adcopy changes, no landing page tests etc. often it’s just bid changes, usually these bid changes are managed by software so in reality the PPC Agency is doing next to no physical work.

If your PPC management is currently being done by a PPC Agency then take a look at the recent change history in your account and see if they’re earning their fee or charging hundreds (in some cases thousands) of pounds to let an automated program simply adjust bids, this isn’t ppc management, it’s bid management and YOU can get this done yourself easily and for a fraction of the cost (or even free if using Google’s Rules tool) but unless it’s coupled with ongoing, regular ppc management it will only keep the account limping along and not help it reach it’s full potential in terms of lowest cost per lead/sale and maximum volume.

A good PPC Agency should be working on your account weekly at the very least, and often daily, most merchants work on their PPC when they remember to or when business goes slow or when an issue arises and by then they’re usually trying to repair the damage that’s been done frantically and they change many things at once, all which have a knock on effect, then they wonder why the changes didn’t work, and more importantly which one(s) didn’t or did work, one or two competitors who are on the ball can soon overtake positions as well as hone their adcopy, refine their landing pages and target your customers and start grabbing market share.

AdWords and PPC methodology is constantly evolving so new changes mean it’s possible to be missing out on some of the tools and practices that are available that make ppc management more successful, a good ppc management agency will keep it’s finger on the pulse of the constant changes and stay on the crest of the wave where most merchants tend to just be struggling to just stay afloat.

If you do nothing else as a result of reading this article set a reminder in your phone/email/task manager to just once a week login and spend 5 minutes looking at click through rates compared to the previous week, run a search query report to see which keywords have been used to cause your advert to show and generate a click and add them as phrase or exact match or negatives, you’ll boost your click through ratio there and at least stay afloat, but remember you only need a competitor or two who’s working ON their ppc management instead of just reacting to it and you’ll start to slip behind.

If you’d like a free AdWords health check then drop us a call on our freephone number or use the contact or call me back form and we’ll give you a call and take it from there, we never charge any upfront fees, our health check is always free and we treat each account like it’s our own so you’ll get in-depth feedback as to what work needs doing to bring the account up to full health.

Walk the dog regularly! – work on your ppc management regularly OR get a dog walker and ppc managment specialist .. just do something regularly!

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