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PPC Management – holistically!

Great PPC Management focuses on optimising the whole account, not bid management!

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10 years PPC management experience means we’ve developed a process that works, we can inject a new lease of life into PPC campaigns.

We started in PPC management back in 2001 shortly after Google AdWords launched in the UK,  in 2004 our director was the first person in the world to become a Certified AdWords Professional, after a decade in PPC management we still have a genuine passion for it and whilst other agencies take a top down approach, often making use of automated tools to manage keyword bids, often with a low level PPC account manager spending a few minutes per week checking it’s running adequately – that’s not how we work!

We take a very different tact; We work on the whole account, looking to work on the health as a whole so as to get not only great performing keywords, but also a very healthy account overall so we dig deep and get the hard work done, we analyse the account’s previous history and performance, we then really get to work to break down your ppc account into specific, logically ordered campaigns with very tightly targeted adgroups with tightly themed keywords with very precisely targeted adcopy.

  • All new PPC management accounts with us now get a BrandWatcher ppc monitoring account free of charge worth between £199 and £399 per month, This allows clients to see how competitors are promoting their products/services as well as what is happening on their own brand/trademark keywords without having to keep searching on Google, it’s a 24/7/365 all seeing eye.

The next phase is to utilise Google AdWords phrase and exact matching options then combine this with negative keywords to further hone the targeting and quality of the traffic, when used in conjuction with high quality adcopy that creates a compelling reason to click the advert this increases click through ratio which has knock on positive effects on the quality score, which in turn results in a discounting of the cost per click.

The high quality adcopy, when combined with the right keywords, on the right keyword matching options and use of negative keywords pre-qualifies and screens searchers making the click through all the more likely to convert, especially when we send them to a page that’s specifically targeted around the keywords they are searching for.

We drive to increase the quality score as a key metric, where other PPC management agencies focus on bid management we do the hard work manually, not via automated software that simply manages bids, we hone the account and boost the quality scores so that you’ll get the lowest cost possible per click anyway.

It’s important to focus on the quality score because the cost between a keyword running at a quality score of 7 and the same keyword being at a quality score of 1 is around 600%!

Once we have completed the initial account restructuring we start afresh, running reports again, analysing the whole account’s performance, we then add new keywords and negative keywords, change keyword matching options, further break down adgoups into even more targeted ones and optimise the adcopy to improve it’s performance, never is your PPC account just left to languish or run with bid management tools!

  • All new PPC management accounts with us also get to use our Advertrack phone call tracking software, this facilitates 100% attribution to AdWords from offline phone calls, meaning in short, you see exactly which keyword triggered any sale taken over the phone, some clients are amazed at the amount of sales AdWords drives that they thought were organic! With our system you’ll see every one and know exactly how AdWords is performing online and offline.

We have carried out PPC management in virtually all channels over the last decade from children’s clothing to hotels, to jewellery to no win no fee legal action, debt recovery, finance leads and more.

We carry out PPC management on all the major search engines so for a no obligation chat on how we may be able to help you achieve and exceed your PPC goals drop us a line on our freephone number at the top of the page or the contact page.

With us carrying out your PPC Management…
  • Your PPC budget will be targeted to YOUR KPI’s
  • Your brand will be presented on-line in  a positive light.
  • You will be in charge of your cost per lead/sale.
  • Your account will be managed by people not software.
  • Your PPC Management will be by  an AdWords Certified Partner agency.
  • Your staff are free from keeping up to date with the constant search engine changes
  • You can get back toworking ON your business instead of IN it.

We can offer a free 30 day trial for most accounts to show you our PPC management skills at no risk or cost, drop us a line today for details, previous clients have saved up to 46% of their previous monthly spend!


For a no obligation chat feel free to drop us a line on our freephone number at the top of the page or use the call back form below, or the contact form HERE

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